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Proudly British

The Brora Blog

Spring 2018

22nd May

Twenty questions with Teatum Jones

We caught up with the award winning, design duo

Image of fashion designers Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones

1. Name:

Catherine Teatum & Rob Jones

2. Age:

Ooooooh my goodness we couldn’t possibly say…

3. Occupation:

Creative Directors of Teatum Jones

4. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

We're both musically trained. Rob is a pianist and Catherine is a flautist.

Cut out image of Cashmere Slouchy Polo Neck

5. How would you describe your usual style?

Bold, colourful, relaxed.

6. What are your style must-haves? 

A statement Teatum Jones coat, signature Teatum Jones cut out knitwear, white Converse high tops, Japanese straight cut denim.

7. What is your favourite trend right now?

That people are becoming genuinely interested in wellbeing, sustainability and humanity when it comes to their fashion purchases. As a brand that creates fashion from human stories this makes us very happy.

8. Do you have a favourite fashion designer or artist that you aspire to be like?

We're currently obsessed with Tom Leamon, a British Artist based in Portugal. His work is full of philosophy, humour and childlike excitement. We have several of his paintings in our studio and they ooze energy.

9. What inspires you? Do you have any fashion muses that you look to?


10. Do you have a mantra or motto that you live by? If so, what is it?

Never give up.

Cut out image of a Cashmere Colour Block Polo Neck

11. What is the most challenging thing that you’ve ever done?

Creating two separate collections for a single Autumn Winter season and showing them at New York Fashion Week, then flying back and showing the other at London Fashion Week. It was a mental and physical challenge but we did it!

12. What has been your biggest achievement? Something that you’re most proud of?

Being the first ever British designers to win the International Woolmark Prize. The first people to win the prize were Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent, so we joined a pretty cool alumni of designers.

13. Do you like to plan your collections for a long time and in great detail or do you tend to be a bit more spontaneous?

Everything is planned! Putting on a fashion show at LFW requires immense planning and organisation.

14. Is there something you’re desperate to try in future collections? If so, what?

A fashion show in the sky… literally on a jumbo jet plane.

15. Why did you choose to collaborate with Brora?

Brora is an incredibly authentic brand with such a huge heart. This is demonstrated by both the founder and the customers who have been loyal to the brand for many years. As a young brand in a busy modern market, we have learned lots of lessons from Brora’s founder Victoria Stapleton about brand messaging and business strategy. We really admire her creativity as well as her business acumen.

Image of Artist and Gilder, Issy Tennant in her studio

16. What was the inspiration behind the collection?

We stayed with Issy Tennant on our trip up to visit the Brora Mill and completely fell in love with Issy, her work and her beautiful family home with amazing collection of dogs. It all started from there and then developed into the collection you see online and in selected stores today.

17. Which are your favourite piece(s) from the collection?

The Dalmatian Rinkle jumper inspired by Issy’s gorgeous dog!

Cut out image of Cashmere Dalmatian Jumper

18. What have you learned from working with Brora?

We have learned to be really strict with editing our work. Even when you love ten pieces you’ve created for a collection, you have to consider what the five pieces that will ultimately say everything you need them to say are.

19. Describe the Teatum Jones x Brora collection in three words.

Vibrant, geometric and fun.

Cut out image of slogan merino jumper

20. In your own words, what do you think other people will like about this collection?

I think they will like the signature vibrant colours that Teatum Jones have brought to Brora’s beautiful cashmere pieces. As well as the fun we had creating this collection, which we really feel shines through brightly in pieces such as the Rinkle Dalmatian Jumper and the slogan sweater “Be the person your dog thinks you are”!


The Teatum Jones x Brora collaboration is available online and from selected Brora stores now.