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Spring 2018

22nd May

Twelve questions with Issy Tennant

We spoke to the star of our latest three generations shoot and muse behind the Teatum Jones x Brora collaboration

Issy Tennant with Pips Taylor

1. Name: Issy Tennant

2. Age: 53

3. Occupation: Gilder

4. Current projects/ what currently takes up most of your time?

Working on an order for a big, bespoke mirror for a New York client along with two new bronze table designs and some copper plated brambles to make a dining table centre piece with my sister, Stella.

5. How would you describe your usual style?

Very informal most of the time. My day to day shoes are always trainers but I can't resist heels in the evening.

6. What was your favourite look from the three generations shoot?

The Cashmere Fair Isle Tank and Jumbo Cord Wide Leg Trousers.

7. What is it that you like about Brora?

I love that you can so easily pick up pieces from different collections and create an outfit. The old and new work so easily together.

8. What are your top picks from the current Brora collection? 

The Teatum Jones x Brora Cashmere Dalmatian Jumper in French Navy & Mustard is an absolute favourite! I would wear it with an Embroidered Silk Camisole and Jumbo Cord Wide Leg Trousers. I also love the Mohair & Lambswool Wave Knit Cardigan and the Cotton Pintuck Shirt. Cashmere socks a real treat too.

9. What was the first Brora piece you ever owned?

A pink Cropped Cardigan from 2005. Still love it!

10. What are your style must-haves? 

Wide leg trousers, trainers and of course, a fabulous cashmere scarf to complete any outfit.

11. Who inspires your fashion choices? Do you have a fashion muse you look to?

I don't think I've got a muse but I'm always interested to see what one or two friends in particular, and my sister are wearing.

12. Are you more of a fast fashion person, buying lots of pieces often and changing your wardrobe every few months or do you keep pieces for a long time and wear them again and again?

I'm definitely not a fast fashion person and I'm still wearing lots of things  I've had for years. I love when something suddenly has a new lease of life when paired with something different.