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Spring 2018

25th May


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Sibling London Squad

Sibling Love

If you're going to create something to marvel at, something to present itself as a real conversation piece, push its way to the front and jump out at you from the fashion pages...a collaboration with a knitwear superpower is the way to go about it. 

 women's knitwear

SIBLING launched in 2008 as a collaboration between Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery. The then premier menswear collection introduced bright and playful subversions of classic knitwear styles, such as cashmere twinsets in sequin leopard and sparkling Bretons, completely transforming the friendly face of knitwear from an everyday layer to an outright statement.

Carrying that same affect today, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery continue the brand, with sequins, spots, stripes and lawless colour as fundamental narratives within the label’s signature. Evolving the brand to encompass womenswear, too, Bryan and McCreery offer the same integrity and spirit to their female following. Rather than a 'battle of the sexes', SIBLING occupies a rare space that is more an alliance of the sexes; a collaboration in itself . 

Backstage fashion

Boy Meets Girl, Meets Boy!

Though they have clearly outlined collections for both men and women, SIBLING often reflect an undefinable stance in their concepts, gender-bending the 'rules'. Pink is the new neutral! No longer a colour that separates boy from girl, or distinguished by tone, making baby pink acceptable in small doses for men. All shades are off!

Men's knitwear

Girls are suited in blue, and boys dress in pink! Essential colours in SIBLING's story, along with yellow, purple, green and orange, Fair Isles, floral rosettes, sporty stripes...androgyny is an apparent vein in  their identity. This blurring of the lines is also mirrored in our own aesthetic on a much smaller scale. This is regularly told through masculine tailoring, slouchy, oversized knits and mannish footwear, making us the perfect experimental partnership for an inspired fashion formula for success.

men's fashion

women's collection

Sibling Rivalry

In this exciting collaboration of two knitwear giants, both compete for your attention in a riotous expression of sensational colour and bold pattern. Each aspect is fearlessly employed through sumptuous textures featuring eye-catching details, loudly carried from jumpers and cardigans, to knitted accessories. Every piece, which SIBLING have created in partnership with Brora’s Founder and Creative Director, Victoria Stapleton, has been designed to embrace a commitment to British craftsmanship, using exclusively sourced luxury cashmere and yarns, for an innovative approach to contemporary knitwear design.

Sibling London for Brora Cashmere

SIBLING lend their signature patterning of leopard, stars and stripes to the Brora aesthetic. Fun, energetic and outspoken, this vibrant collection will be available NEXT WEEK! From October 26th you can be ahead of the pack, and shop our exceptional collaboration knits the day they land. Until then, keep up-to-date on this exclusive collaboration on our Instagram