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Promotional Terms

12.1    Coupon codes that are awarded to specific people, such as competition prizes, are for the use of that person exclusively.
12.2    Most publicly available codes are only allowed to be used once per person.
12.3    If a code has an expiry date then it will stop working at 11:59pm GMT on the date stated.
12.4    Only one code can be used for each order.
12.6    Discount codes may cause the grand total to be plus or minus 1p from what you expect. This is due to rounding when VAT is applied.
12.7    Discount codes do not apply to shipping charges (unless you have a code that specifically applies to shipping).
12.8    Certain codes will have a level of spend to activate the code and this is a value of the basket excluding shipping.
12.9    Any coupon, voucher or code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
12.10  "Hello Again" Promotion has a minium spend of £50/$50
12.11   Free Shipping promotion is vaild from 09/02/17 and is only vaild for shipping with the UK with a minium spend over £200.
12.12  "SUMMERSS17" is valid from 17/07 until 31/07 for orders over £50/$100.