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Summer 2018

23rd July

The Pink Persuasion

fur coats

A colour that polarises individuals on its overtly feminine and girly aesthetic, pink has been harshly judged…until now! No longer sickly sweet and innocent, with the distinct scent of a silly girlish nature, dare we say superficially Barbie-like and somewhat lacking in substance, pink takes pride of place amongst designers and the fashion elite this season. Romantic rose tones, beguiling blush, fierce fuchsia, cheery cerise and soft salmon; pink is the new black!

autumn/winter fashion trends

For us, pink is rarely out the collection. A varied mix of uniquely blended pink tones, we continually champion this often over-looked and dismissed tone, bringing colours such as Foxglove, Cyclamen, Tearose, Bougainvillea, Petal, Peony, Raspberry and Damask Rose into the forefront of our fashions.


The pink potential is something we see working across seasons; the need to play up to the freshness of spring/summer, and to soften and bring a gentle more feminine element to dark palettes, tweeds and masculine checks or stripes in autumn/winter. Pink has that effortless ability to beautify with very little effort.

colour trend

This autumn/winter, pink is transformed into a 'palette of potential'. In our current love affair with the ambiguity of androgynous styling, what could be more striking than a pink suit with a masculine, double-breasted peacoat jacket? Or how about oversized trend? The cocoon coat and slouchy, unstructured silhouettes in general, are softened with a beautiful dose of pink to balance out and blur the focus between male and female. The overall impression is distinctively handsome, yet within the feminine sphere for a clever blending of the genders.

men in pink

Pink no longer denotes what it used to. Even men are moving away from the acceptable touches of pink; a tie, socks or pink shirts. Designers have moved into a gender-bending domain where pink is the new neutral and completely unisex.

Scottish Cashmere

However, don't take our word for it (or do), try your hand at playing with pink tones. Find your colour in PomegranateDusty Pink or Fuchsia, and see how easy it is to 'make pretty', an autumn ensemble in need. A pink jumper or cardigan is the perfect way to mix things up. A loose-fitting shape, the boxier the better, in a sweet shade is the simplest way to tap into the trend without overwhelming.

Silk shirt

Alternatively, our beautiful ombre silk blouse will make a great statement on its own, and some pink accessories will always go down a charm. Shop all our fabulously pink pieces, here.