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Proudly British

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Summer 2018

17th July

Modern Heritage

A New Style Story, With Classic Roots

tweed - heritage fashion

What is 'heritage fashion', we hear you ask? Seldom separated from its combined 'equestrian-meets-English gentleman-meets-hunting' roots, where tweed upon tweed is inextricably worn with jodhpurs and knee-high leather riding boots with shotgun in tow, neatly slung over the arm. However, such elements have been extracted from that perfectly poised cliché, and adapted to sit in line with the wants and needs of a more conscious dresser.

street fashion - heritage

In our search for fashions of more substance, wardrobes that work for us, we've stepped away from fast-fashion fads, incorporating a 'buy less, buy well, and when possible, buy British' ethos. One that has now filtered down into the type of looks we want to extract from every piece.

women's winter coats

Heritage pieces like, the Harris Tweed jacket, merino wool trousers, herringbone coat, yes, can be worn with layers of traditional styling, but also form the basis of your everyday wear with denim jeans, cashmere joggers, patchwork ankle boots, tailored culottes, and whatever else you possess. With an emphasis on long-lasting, wearable pieces with an appeal that endures for more than a season, today's contemporary take focuses more on heritage style, suggesting that traditional stamps of  heritage woollens are better. 

tailored suits for women

Here, the traditional wool suit meets the classic navy suit, made from beautiful merino wool. An obvious move it to style with neat leather brogues and fancy silk skirt and elegantly drape a cashmere tassel scarf to finish. However, this speaks to the minimalist dresser, who' prefers a relaxed, more subtle, and possibly sporty vibe. 

Women's workwear

Both the jacket and trousers can be worn separately, extending the range of clothing even further, making the styling possibilities endless! This is the new heritage fashion

women's jackets

A great starting point is with our Harris Tweed jacket, easily adapted to a variety of winter looks, and a key heritage layer your can carry into spring, too.