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Spring 2018

18th March

Meet the Makers

an inside look at the processes behind the making of your clothes

Last week Brora Graphic Designer Casey-Drew went to visit our mills in Scotland,
here’s what she told us about her trips:

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An early 5am start saw me arriving at Brora’s mill in the Scottish Borders in time for lunch. With a brilliant blue sky and a carpet of undulating fields to greet me, I was eagerly anticipating the day ahead.  What more could I learn about cashmere production? How could I capture the craftsmen and women at work in a way that was natural, authentic and comfortable?

My day began with a tour - an overview of all of the processes involved in the knitting productions - and introductions to the many ladies and gentlemen that work effortlessly hard to produce our quality garments with love. A visit to the yarn store showed me the great diversity in colour and material that Brora have to offer, each labelled and categorised with care and attention, each cone spun individually from up to seven different shades, presenting a depth of colour like no other. But never would I have guessed the scale of work that is put in to producing just one cone of yarn, nor its life thereafter.

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Each of Brora’s garments is crafted with love, taking hours upon hours to complete. Hand finishing and quality control checks make the ownership of one of our luxury cashmere pieces all the more special; you can be assured of hours of dedicated work into each and every one. With Body Linkers, Hand Sewers, Seamstresses and Cutters to name but a few, working on each garment, we are proud of our skilled heritage, work ethic and attention to detail. The skills I saw in practice at our mills have been passed on from generation to generation, with many families working entirely in milling. These master craftsmen and women are proud of their uniquely skilled trade, and stay grounded in the traditions of their craft, whilst embracing the technologies of the future. 

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I met many hand finishers only too happy to show me their craft, and I watched in admiration as I saw our Brora pieces come to life, slowly but surely, one stage at a time. With some ladies having worked at our mills for over 40 years, they are true experts in their field. With over 50 processes involved in the creation of each garment or accessory, I spent the next few days absorbing as much information as possible, and capturing our diligent craftsmen and women at work. 

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When the opportunity arose to meet some of our team of hard-working hand knitters in the Scottish Highlands, I jumped at the chance. Brora’s approach to manufacturing is what sets us apart from other brands, and I’ve long since admired the skill and dedication of the team of hand knitters that produce much of our babies' and children’s knitwear and accessories. 

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Nestled on a comfy sofa, and well equipped with copious amounts of afternoon tea and cake, the lovely hand-knitting ladies made me feel right at home; explaining their craft and sharing their stories, their hands are like lightning. With clicking needles and trailing yarn, I see a classic Brora Fair Isle hat emerge, and I witness the magic of creating something from nothing. They tell me that they love feeling like they’ve created a wonderful gift, and that there’s nothing better than seeing someone enjoying their hard work. Feeling the immense passion they have for their craft, and seeing their faces light up when telling me about the cute little customers that wear their bonnets and bootees, I see what it’s all about. It’s about love, care and attention, about quality products and a sense of community, and above all, the personal touch. So for the perfect gift for a newborn, toddler, or even if you’re looking for a jumper for your favourite teddy, look no further than Brora’s exquisitely hand-knitted range. 

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In fact, that goes for all Brora products; for something special created with love and exquisite craftsmanship, a cashmere piece is the ultimate treat - truly #aBroraForLife.