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Proudly British

The Brora Blog

Summer 2018

20th July

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…in Brora Wool!

In support of Campaign for Wool’s Wool Week activities; a global effort to raise awareness and support the growth of the woollen industry, we recruited our email executive’s (Jess) spoilt pampered pooch, Louie, who has acquired a penchant for Brora lambswool.

Patterdale Terrier

Meet Louie, the Brora-loving patterdale terrier, wearing a Shetland wool Fair Isle cardigan from Brora’s archive.

Four year old, Louie loves: walks in the park, snuggles with Jess, road trips to Wales and the Lake District with the family, chewing on toys and spending time with girlfriend, Daisy.

Likes: his Brora lambswool blanket, sleeping on Jess’ pillow, egg on toast.

Hates: cats, squirrels, the postman…and Beyonce.

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