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In addition to our renowned Scottish cashmere, we also produce a range of high quality knitwear made from the finest yarns, including lambswool, merino and mohair.

Mohair Round Neck Cardigan in Moss
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Mohair is renowned for its gorgeous shine and glossy appearance, earning it the nickname of ‘the diamond fibre’. As one of the best natural fibres available, mohair will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer due to its heat regulating properties, even providing insulation when wet. It has been used as a natural material since the 1030’s, gaining popularity around a hundred years ago. Our mohair comes from the hair of the Angora goat which grows in uniform locks until it is shorn twice a year, with no harm coming to the animal.

At Brora, we love mohair thanks to its wonderful fluffiness and ability to hold dye incredibly well, resulting in a fabulous choice of vibrant colours.

Lambswool Tank Silver
Lambswool Fair Isle Cardigans
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Since the Stone Age wool has been seen as a useful resource due to its highly effective ability to protect against all manner of weather conditions. Wool is a renewable source of yarn and despite common misconceptions, is tremendously breathable, absorbing up to 30% of its weight in moisture. Better still, our wool products are surprisingly easy to care for and can resist all sorts of stains thanks to their naturally protective outer layer.

Brora’s pure new wool is produced from a blend of New Zealand crossbred wool and lambswool. The coarser, New Zealand wool helps to create a bold hue in our non-cashmere garments whilst the lambswool gives them a softer handle. Our lambswool is sourced from South America where the sheep are farm reared and shearing is carried out in a humane way.

Alpaca Fisherman Rib Jumper
Alpaca Fair Isle Polo Neck
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Alpaca yarn has fast become a Brora favourite and we weren’t at all surprised when it became an outright best seller last season. Incredibly soft, warm, and luxurious to the touch an Alpaca knit piece is a winter wardrobe staple. Whether its knitted in a thick ply, a fisherman rib, or a more gauzy, slouchy style Alpaca is uniquely cosy and delightfully lofty.

The breathable nature of the fibres makes an Alpaca jumper both lighter and warmer than other wool types while feeling silky on the skin. It is also natural and biodegradable making Alpaca a guilt free choice for an eco-conscious shopper.