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Never put clothes away dirty. Sweat, hair and food stains attract moths and make it more likely for the female moths to find the perfect site for their eggs to hatch. Wash your cashmere with our special cashmere shampoo which is vegetable based and therefore gentle and perfect for the job. Or dry clean them as moths are put off by the smell. If you are thinking of storing your cashmere for the summer then do so in one of our zip storage bags in a clean cupboard until the next season.


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Moths hate light and being disturbed. Their life cycle is about 21 days, so every month open your drawers and shake your clothing. You might even consider airing your clothes in the full sun as larvae are strongly repelled by light and will fall from clothing.

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It may sound odd, but try freezing moths out, a method that works particularly well with cashmere. Wrap the cashmere in acid-free tissue paper and put it in a plastic bag. Freeze overnight, then defrost slowly. This will kill anything, including moth larvae.


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Also, a great anti-moth product is our cedar balls. Loop them round your hangers to keep the moths at bay. They are made using ingredients such as lavender, rosemary, clove or cedar wood and as much as we love this smell, moths absolutely hate it. However, remember to replace these products every season.

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If you have ended up with holes in one of your favourites, don't despair. We do hold yarn from the previous few seasons in all of our stores and can often match up the colour although you do have to darn it yourself - we couldn't risk getting our enemy onto the mill floor!

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