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Summer 2018

22nd July

The Cardigan Comeback

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The humble, little  has made a sexy, little comeback! Well, perhaps sexy is too strong a word, but it’s definitely having a ‘fashion moment’. For us, the cardigan is not only a neat cover-up to keep chills at bay, it’s the vital component in exacting a stylish look; a finishing touch, like a character-defining necklace or brooch. The cardigan may have temporarily fell out of favour with the rest of the industry, but she’s still a firm favourite here.

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TNMA: “The button-fronted knit has been in exile for almost a decade.”

Fashion journalist, Alyson Walsh, writes of her own observations on the cardigan’s gradual rise back into the fold on her blog, highlighting “that two out of the four elegantly dressed women at [her] table were wearing cardigans” at a conference she attended. Walsh goes on to describe the cardigan as heralding “a form of sartorial vindication”; an underestimated layer of formal sophistication that’s preppy, vintage and contemporary, all at the same time.


Look book image: Cashmere Wave Knit Cardigan

The cashmere round neck cardigan crosses boundaries. It fashions a timeless appeal that resonates with women of all ages; from school girls to working women to sophisticated ladies, the round neck cardigan is a universal style marker for smart, elegant style. Thiscardigan truly knows no boundaries! It’s also a marriage made in fashion heaven when paired with a shirt; Peter Pan collars are a must.


Our Classics Collection includes two vital cardigan styles; the round neck and the V-neck. Both perfectly suited to shirts.

Alternatively, if you’re seeking a more innovative approach to the cardigan, look no further than our new cobweb creations in cashmere and mohair.


Mohair Cobweb Cardigan

A mesh-like knit structure, our cobweb cardigans provide a wonderfully textured look, but they also allow a fresh breeze in, keeping you cool at the same time.


Long-line cardigans are great for styling as a spring jacket when you need something light, yet warm. A leather belt, to cinch in the waist, manipulates a much more feminine shape, as well as adding character with the introduction of a contrasting colour. The result is a super-stylish and striking silhouette.

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Now that we’ve reminded you of the beauty of the cardigan, shop all cardigans; cropped, round, shawl, fitted, vintage and Fair Isle, online now!