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Spring 2018

18th March

Brotherly Love: Arlo & Otis' Story


Recently we received the most touching story of brotherly love and affection for their treasured cashmere blankets, given to them at birth. Told by their passionate mother, Emily, who loves Brora just as much as her boys, she wrote to tell us of our cashmere blankets' marvellous journey with the brothers, throughout their early years. This is Arlo & Otis' story. 

Arlo, aged One Day

baby fashion

When my first son was born he was given a cashmere baby blanket. From his 1st day of life in the big world he was wrapped up in a beautiful stripy Brora blanket. And from that very day he has never let it go. It has become his 'thethe'. He sleeps with it, sucks his thumb with it and has even encouraged his younger brother to do exactly the same with his own one. The two of them adore their blankets and we thought the people behind the cosy cashmere would like to see. 


Younger Brother, Otis, aged Two


The Boys & their Blankets

cashmere blanket

Five years on and the blanket has been stitched up many times and is a little threadbare but it is loved all the same...thank for reading. 

If you'd like to share your cashmere stories with us, email Alternatively, @broracashmere on Instagram and Facebook, or @brora on Twitter. Tell us about your cashmere sweaters, long-lasting love for your cashmere poncho from AW14, perhaps an adored baby cashmere that's been handed down from sibling to sibling, onto cousin, then friend...we want to hear them all! Don't forget to #aBroraForLife