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Summer 2018

17th July

#aBroraForLife March Winner

Zander's story

I wanted to introduce you to our 3 month old, Zander. As all new parents we fell in love with him the moment we saw him: he has inherited his brother eyes, Daddy's nose and thanks to my parents, he has apparently inherited Mummy's passion for quality clothes. It would seem he was a Brora convert from birth!

baby knitwear

My parents (AKA the doting Grandparents) bought us a beautiful blue cardigan, hat and bootie set from Brora when Zander was born. When we opened the gift in hospital and saw the blue softness peeping out of the tissue paper I was thrilled! It was the outfit that we first brought him home from hospital in and since then, every time I see him wearing it, it manages to bring tears to my eyes- it conjures such precious memories of a wonderful time. Just when you thought babies couldn't get any cuddlier, put them in cashmere, cuddle them close and try to put them down- I struggle to do so every time!

Two weeks ago, after a rapid growth spurt (on Zander's part not mine!), I had to admit defeat and put the cardigan away for the last time: it had withstood copious amounts of spilling, washing, drying and some rather rigorous hugs from an enthusiastic 3 year old, but it could no longer reach around a growing tummy! Cue my Mum: it seems she also couldn't bear to say goodbye, so yesterday took us shopping and bought Zander a new one- exactly the same!

I had to write in and tell you because I feel so lucky, not only to have had a beautiful baby boy quite late on in life, but to have been lucky enough to receive such wonderful gifts from one of my favourite shops. For me, like good food and music, great clothes stand the test of time and take me back to certain times of my life evoking some amazing memories: our Brora set is no exception. I have put the first cardigan set away in a memory box to cherish in the years to come, but in the meantime Zander is happily wearing Mark 2! Thank you Brora!

Best wishes


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