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Spring 2018

26th May


Jill's Story

Cashmere socks drying on a washing line

With the summer finally here, I decided to treat my well-loved cashmere socks to a holiday. They went for a swim (i.e. a gentle hand wash) followed by some sunbathing (an hour or two on the washing line). 

The socks were bought for me as a Christmas present ten years ago by my husband, and I can’t bear to part with them even though they are now a bit saggy and threadbare (aren’t we all?) I like the faded colour that has emerged in the heel and toe area, and even the little bobbles. It just goes to show – give cashmere some TLC and it goes on forever. 

Blue cashmere socks hanging on a washing line

The other photo shows my newer, blue pair. Even though they haven’t done as long service as the heather-coloured ones, I thought they deserved to come out of the dark drawer and catch some summer rays too.

Now both pairs are folded and tucked away, smelling of fresh air, and ready to face whatever next winter throws at them.