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Summer 2018

17th July

#aBroraForLife February Winner Announced!

Katie Black's Story

In the beginning…I think my love affair with Brora began soon after your first store was opened in London 24 years ago, so #ABroraforlife could not be a more apt tag for us to share.

 My first Brora acquisition was a warm red fitted short sleeve twin-set. I remember I was living in London, working in filmed entertainment at the time, and travelling across Europe frequently. Brora was my reward for 24/7 hard graft, whilst delivering to a global American giant. Here it is today!  

cashmere cardigans for women

And, like most of my #ABroraforlife purchases over the years, they are still with me. In my wardrobe. cherished & nurtured. Brora is my happy place, re-visited again and again, you are my forever-friend. 

I suppose you could say my Brora stories divide into three parts: there are my summer Broras, my winter Broras and sadly, my ‘missing: lost in action Broras’.

Summer Broras

If I had to choose one of my Broras, to represent my #ABroraforlife it would be this one – my sky blue summer V neck jumper. It’s been with me many years, and every year, we share our happiest moments together: sun, sea, sand, family & summer. I still have it today. We’re inseparable.  Here are some pics of us together, we are normally hanging out with the family and friends in Sandbanks, Dorset in the summertime. Although we live in London, our spiritual home is the coastal Poole, Dorset.

2009 Sandbanks, Dorset  - At a summer picnic in my Blue Brora

summer cashmere for women

2011 Sandbanks beach, Dorset - At the beach with my son James.

      women's beachwear

The Brora Fish Jumper

James was born in 2004, and I have carried on my Brora tradition with both my children. This fish jumper must have been designed with James in mind. It was a sign of things to come. James has always loved fish. In the early years he played with wooden fish, plastic fish, & fish games. Today sea fishing is his love.

2007, James in his favourite Brora fish jumper, aged 3 in Bournemouth.

cashmere for children     

My winter Broras

This is my favourite winter Brora jumper. I don’t know when I bought it, it was years ago, I guess you will know better than me but it is truly a #ABroraforlife. It’s the cosiest, softest, most comforting jumper I have ever owned. We reunite every winter.

This is me out walking at Dorney Lake in Berkshire last weekend. I wore my Brora with grandma’s knitted scarf and a shearling to keep warm. My daughter India, aged 15, took these photos.

          Women's Country fashion

cashmere jumpers for women

Finally, The stories of the Broras missing: lost in action. I will never forget my dearly departed Broras either…

The most significant loss has to be from May 2000, the winter white ballet wrap cardi (scalloped edge) bought to wear over my wedding dress. A precautionary measure, for an early May wedding in Corfe Castle, Dorset. In fact the sun shone, and the cardi was not needed… but where did it go, I’ve no idea?

Then, there was the trusty black round neck cardigan. Always in my hand luggage for flights abroad, whilst I was working. Who found the cardi? I’ll never know.

And what about the sea blue cardi? I truly loved that cardi… It went everywhere with me in the summer, in my large leather handbag. Alas, one day it slipped from my shoulders and now it probably rests on someone else’s . Lucky them.

Finally the orange V neck jumper. Truly loved and worn throughout the seasons for a few years. This treasure is now in Brora Heaven. The moths ate her last summer. Ravaged. That will teach me to leave cashmere by the window.

women's v-neck cashmere jumper

The Orange V neck – now in Brora Heaven.
This photo was taken in 2010. I was reading James the bear a story with my son James.
(PS - this is a truly ghastly photo - also needs to go to heaven)

Best wishes, Katie


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