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No one does cashmere quite like Brora. What sets ours apart is the workmanship that goes into each piece, much of which is done by hand.

each season we blend over 15 unique colours

Every season, we carefully select the best cashmere fibres from the native goat of the Mongolian plateaux, carefully removing the coarse hairs to ensure our cashmere is Grade A. Only the finest and longest fibres are used by Brora, so that you can be sure your garment will be of exceptional quality.

A stack of Cashmere colour block jumpers.
Hand finishing the Brora Labels onto garments.

At the mill, the skills involved in working with cashmere have been passed down through generations of Scottish families. Every step of the way they apply their expertise and, in doing so, take their part in creating the highest quality, long lasting cashmere that will stand the test of time. There are over 50 processes involved in making any one of our cashmere designs.

there are over fifty processes involved to make every cashmere item

Once your cashmere garment has been made, it is brushed with the dried heads of the teasel plant so that the hooked ends can gently tease out and align the cashmere fibres to produce the characteristic ripple finish of our woven products.

A group of hand knitters.
Yarn wraps and a pair of Scottish Cashmere baby bootees.
Close up of a hand knitter finishing a pair of socks.

at Brora, we have a dedicated team of hand knitters who produce much of our babies’ and children’s knitwear and accessories with love and exquisite craftsmanship.